Aug 19, 2017 · 12:57 PM

Counter Space Concrete Incubator

Counter Space: Museum Haus Konstruktiv hosts Stich & Oswald

The walk-through installation in front of Museum Haus Konstruktiv will be possible to visit until 27 August. Free entry.

The concrete incubator is a conceptual model, a test space, a walk-through monument and a materialized utopia, arising from the following questions: What could be a space in the 21st century? What lies between the wastelands, gaps and voids of a city and a design for eternity? What could an eternal temporary usage be?

Seven artists - Esther Mathis, Sebastian Utzni, Ursula Sulser, Chris Bünter, Michael Meier & Christoph Franz, Andreas Waldmeier - are invited to be part of the development process and project. Their contributions are intended to lead a dialog on further questions. In front of the museum, a life-size model was built.

Architects Hannes Oswald & Sebastian Stich, curator Angelo Romano and sculptor Beat Künzler are working to lend the concept of “counter-space” (anti-space, non-space, space with reverse direction) a real, spatial and temporal dimension. The concrete incubator is one step in this practical research work.

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Aug 19, 2017
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