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Jürg Stäuble
Being More Than a System

curated by Sabine Schaschl

1 June to 3 September 2017

At the same time with the solo exhibition by Tomás Saraceno, Museum Haus Konstruktiv presents the work of Swiss object artist, sculptor and graphic artist Jürg Stäuble (b. 1948 in Wohlen, Aargau; lives and works in Basel), which spans almost 50 years and is situated in the context of minimalism, land art and conceptual art.

Although his two-dimensional works and reliefs, his sculptures, installations and architectural interventions emanate from geometric ordering systems and structural design drawings, Stäuble’s approach is not that of a strictly constructivist artist. For him, geometry is only a starting point or path, not the destination. The underlying design principles are rarely easy for the observer to decode. By exploring the charged environment between rational construction and irrational appearance, Stäuble achieves results that reflect the creative forces of nature without copying them.

Jürg Stäuble’s works are based on geometric design principles that he first lays out in series of drawings, modifies in a wide variety of ways with intuitive interventions, and extends spatially in precise construction plans and working models. In so doing, he experiments with penetrations, overlaps, sequences, torsions and displacements of geometric bodies and surfaces. In this sense, his form-finding, which he often works through in groups of artworks, does not constitute abstraction of real objects, but concretion of abstract models. The fact that this, in turn, triggers associations with familiar natural entities is a welcome side effect.

A monograph published by Hatje Cantz Verlag accompanies this exhibition, with texts (in German/English) by Dominique von Burg, Beat Wismer and Isabel Zürcher, as well as an interview with the artist, conducted by Sabine Schaschl. Available in our shop.

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