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Helga Philipp
Poesie der optischen Transformation

25 October 2018 bis 13 January 2019
Opening: 24 October, 6 pm

Austrian artist Helga Philipp (1939–2002) will be honored in an overview show. With her work, situated in the realm of kinetic art and op art, Philipp made a key pioneering contribution to constructivist trends in Austria.

Starting in the mid-1960s, she played a significant role in helping constructivist-concrete art to become known and established in Austria. Via her teaching at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, in which she emphasized serial and sculptural development of forms, as well as serial programming, she encouraged younger artists like Gerwald Rockenschaub and Heimo Zobernig to further develop “new geometry” in accordance with her wishes.
The observer assumes a central role in Philipp’s oeuvre. In her manifesto, written in the 1960s, she pointed out that “image and observer” are directly interdependent because only the existence of the observer guarantees the existence of the image and vice versa. In addition, Philipp argued that motion, space, light and change are also interrelated concepts.

This solo show at Museum Haus Konstruktiv offers a representative selection of works from the 1960s onward: from drawings and paintings to three-dimensional works and installations, through to objects from the domain of applied arts. This causes one of Helga Philipp’s main strategies to become evident – namely that of taking a theme (e.g. the circle, ring, rectangle or square) and working through it in multiple genres and various media.

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