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Partners and Members

The combined support of private individuals, public subsidies, and project-based corporate sponsorship ensures that Museum Haus Konstruktiv is able to achieve its ambitions.

One third of the financing of the Museum Haus Konstruktiv comes from profits it makes through the museum (membership fees, entrance fees, shop revenue), one third comes from public subsidies, and the final third derives from ongoing fundraising through sponsorship. Only in this way can we maintain the quality of both our collection and our programs – and continue to expand them.

Service for Patrons, Sponsors & Foundations

We are pleased to inform you about sponsorships. Please contact:

Joy Neri
+41 (0)44 217 70 96

Member service

We are pleased to inform you about our memberships. Please contact:

Christina Schütz
+41 (0)44 217 70 84

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