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EXHIBITION CHANGEOVER! The Museum Haus Konstruktiv will be closed until 6 February. OPENING: 6 February, 6 pm



Now is always also a little of yesterday and tomorrow

7 February to 5 May 2019

The 2019 exhibition program begins with a show on contemporary art. We will be presenting more than 30 contemporary artists who refer to the museum's art-historical heritage in this exhibition, which is to be seen as a snapshot of constructivist-concrete and conceptual art that conveys its relevance today in highly multifaceted and lively ways.


Opening of the group exhibition CONCRETE CONTEMPORARY
6 February, 6 pm

From 6.45 pm onward, there will be speeches by: Andreas Durisch, President of the Foundation, and Sabine Schaschl, Director of Museum Haus Konstruktiv. 

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