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Due to the current decisions of the Federal Council the Museum Haus Konstruktiv remains closed until further notice.

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On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, Museum Haus Konstruktiv kick off its 2021 annual program with a spectacular collection exhibition. Selected new additions and outstanding collection pieces that have not been shown for some time, are presented. In the Spotlight section, these chosen artworks are supplemented by four young Swiss artists’ newly produced works.

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Vanessa Billy, Large Burst II, 2019

Collection work of the week

Vanessa Billy, Large Burst II, 2019

Vanessa Billy’s conceptual art is characterized by materials that are often deliberately overlooked in everyday life: For example cables, waste oil, and asphalt. While her works revolve around themes such as technology and energy, her focus always remains on people. She transforms various industrial materials into expressive objects that transcend their intended function, showing us the world we ourselves have created. They inspire us to think about the responsibility we bear towards our planet.

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Susan York: 2020 Special edition

2020’s special edition for Museum Haus Konstruktiv has been developed by Susan York (b. 1951). This American artist has visually addressed the museum building. The floor plans of the four stories used as exhibition spaces at Haus Konstruktiv served as a template.

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