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2 March to 16 May 2021

On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, Museum Haus Konstruktiv shows a spectacular collection exhibition. Selected new additions and outstanding collection pieces that have not been shown for some time, are presented. In the Spotlight section, these chosen artworks are supplemented by four young Swiss artists’ newly produced works.

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Sam Porritt in conversation with Eliza Lips

Talk in English

The final installment in the four-part series of digital talks In the Spotlight … features Sam Porritt, who speaks about his work and the process of creating his latest piece, which he is presenting in the collection exhibition RESET. This Zurich-based British artist is one of the Spotlight section’s four invited artists.

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A spring edition!

Bring fresh colors and shapes into your home.

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From math to art

Get to the bottom of the mathematical background of art. A rich visual foray into the field of concrete art.

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