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Nov 30, 2022 · 4:04 PM


In spring 2001, Museum Haus Konstruktiv moved from the Seefeld district to the city center of Zurich.

The historically unique ewz-Unterwerk Selnau building, which served as a substation for around a hundred years, providing the city with electricity until it was shut down in 1998, is the ideal place for our museum. Remodeled between 1929 and 1932 by renowned architect Hermann Herter, who was the City Architect at the time, this structure is now a protected historic monument.

It is one of the most impressive examples of New Objectivity and among the most attractive pieces of industrial architecture in the heart of Zurich. Converted according to plans by the architects Roger Diener of Basel and Meier + Steinauer of Zurich, it now presents itself as a modern museum, lent a certain charm by its past as an industrial building. Five floors and 1,200 square meters of exhibition space provide room for spectacular art presentations.

From the foyer in the entrance area there is an uninterrupted view of the old crane site, the shop and the café. The exhibition rooms can be reached via the central staircase. The attic, with its open steel construction, houses one of the most beautiful libraries in the city and the art education atelier.

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Nov 30, 2022
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