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Museum Haus Konstruktiv is supported by the Foundation for Constructivist, Concrete and Conceptual Art (Stiftung für konstruktive, konkrete Kunst und konzeptuelle Kunst), founded in 1986 by a dedicated group of individuals associated with the internationally important Zurich movements in Constructivist and Concrete art. The major protagonists included the artists Max Bill, Camille Graeser, Verena Loewensberg, and Richard Paul Lohse. 

The foundation is financially supported by the city and the canton of Zurich, as well as by many private individuals, and aims to enthusiastically promote and support Concrete, Constructivist, and Conceptual art in the public realm. The idea is to familiarize the broader public, both domestically and internationally, with the different aspects, forms, and themes of these movements and to suggest ways in which they can stimulate contemporary art. In this respect the foundation is able to rely on an impressive array of writings by artists, as many of the most renowned Concrete artists also provided a theoretical framework for their art.

These key sources form the basis for a continuing and vibrant discussion of the art and a scholarly inquiry into its themes. At the same time, one of the foundation’s key tasks is to convey the incredible sensory impact of these works to a wider public and to people of all ages. The fundamental joy in the viewing of art that allows new perspectives on our own time is thus a central element of the foundation’s work.

Members of the first Foundation 1986 were

Hans Hüssy, President 
Sybil Albers, Rodolphe Deville, Gottfried Honegger, Willy Rotzler, Gianni Rusca, Jack Waser, Margit Weinberg Staber

Museum Management

Sabine Schaschl, from May 2013
Dorothea Strauss, 20052013
Elisabeth Grossmann, 19942004
Margit Weinberg Staber, 19871993

Foundation Board

Andreas Durisch (President)
Andreas Ritter (Vice President)
Barbara Basting
Gabrielle Hächler
Yannick Hausmann 
Carole Maud-Hofman
Werner Merzbacher
Burkhard Varnholt 
Beat Wismer

Honorary Members

Josef Estermann
Ellen Ringier
Hans Ulrich Schweizer
Margit Weinberg Staber
Thomas Wagner

Former Presidents of Foundation Board

Hans Ulrich Schweizer, 2004–2012
Ellen Ringier, 1990–2003
Gianni Rusca, 1988–1989
Hans Hüssy, 1986–1987

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