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Oct 20, 2020 · 4:24 PM

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Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Selnaustrasse 25
8001 Zurich

+41 (0)44 217 70 80

Museum Directorate

Sabine Schaschl
Director and Chief Curator

Office Management & Volunteers

Manuela Nüesch
Office Management, Finances and Staff

Exhibition & Collection

Evelyne Bucher
Exhibition and Collection Curator

Eliza Lips
Research and Curatorial Assistant

Office Management Assistant

Ruth C. Kistler
Administration, Library

Nina Arnold
Administration, Library


Press, Marketing and Public Relations

Flurina Ribi Forster

Olivia Kasper


Joy Neri
Development and Fundraising

Art Education

Ladina Gerber

Reception, Shop & Café

Martina Künzler
Museum Shop and Editions

Sophia Vonbank
Museum Café and Reception

Techniqual Support

Oliver Meier

Simon Voegelin

Guided Tours & Workshops

Linda Christinger, Joy Neri (Public guided tours)
Evelyne Bucher, Elza Lips (Guided tours curatorial team)
Ladina Gerber, Natascha Flumini (Workshops, SonntagsAtelier)

Shop & Café

Claudia Kammacher
David Kürsteiner
Silke Küste
Ursula Müller
Wu Xiaoqun
Natascha Flumini (Wardrobe)
Roy Felix (Wardrobe)

Museum Custodians

Roy Felix
Emil Gut
Silke Küste
Orlando Maglio
Ursula Müller
Martin Zürcher
Mirjam Marti
Cornelia Zierhofer
Johanna Encrantz (Springerin)

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