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Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Selnaustrasse 25
8001 Zurich

+41 (0)44 217 70 80

Museum Directorate

Sabine Schaschl
Director and Chief Curator

Office Management & Volunteers

Manuela Nüesch
Office Management, Finances and Staff

Exhibition & Collection

Evelyne Bucher
Exhibition and Collection Curator

Eliza Lips
Research and Curatorial Assistant

Directorate & Office Management Assistant

Ruth C. Kistler
Administration, Library


Press, Marketing and Public Relations

Flurina Ribi Forster

Olivia Kasper


Joy Neri
Development and Fundraising

Art Education

Ladina Gerber

Reception, Shop & Café

Martina Künzler
Museum Shop and Editions

Sophia Vonbank
Museum Café and Reception

Techniqual Support

Oliver Meier

Guided Tours & SonntagsAtelier

Linda Christinger
Natascha Flumini (Workshops and SonntagsAtelier)
Ladina Gerber (Workshops and SonntagsAtelier)
Eliza Lips
Joy Neri

Shop & Café

Claudia Kammacher
David Kürsteiner
Ursula Müller
Wu Xiaoqun
Natascha Flumini (Wardrobe)
Roy Felix (Wardrobe)

Museum Custodians

Roy Felix
Emil Gut
Ernst-Peter Hebeisen
Dagmar Heinrich
Silke Küste
Orlando Maglio
Ursula Müller
Toralf Zoldan
Martin Zürcher

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