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Date 2011
Technique/material DVD, Color, Sound, Duration 5’ 11’’
Credit Collection Museum Haus Konstruktiv
Purchase made possible by Club Fonds Konkret
Inv. no. SK12133
Dominik Stauch

Hard Edge Ride

Dominik Stauch (born 1962 in London, UK) is a trained graphic designer who studied art at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). He convincingly transforms basic elements of graphic art, like geometry, writing, and color, into an expressive artistic language that spans multiple media. He translates ideas from one medium into another and from one writing system, or one language into another. Dominik Stauch’s oeuvre comprises paintings, computer animations, and installations, as well as furniture and carpets that have been transformed into sculptures. He also alters images from the media and pop culture through minimal interventions – for example, by enlarging them to the extreme, so that the halftone pattern comes to the foreground as a geometric structure. Although he always combines his paintings with digital prints, computer animations, installations, and sculptures, he remains faithful to color theory and to the reduction of his compositions to basic geometric forms.
Sound often defines the rhythm of his pictorial sequences in his room-filling installations and video installations. His animated images are accompanied by soundtracks with his own compositions as well as songs from different musical styles – from Rock ’n’ Roll, and 1970s punk rock, to New Wave music from the 1980s. The video projection “Great Plains,” for example, shows differently colored planes alternatingly moving toward or away from each other, accompanied by a musical composition written by the artist specifically for this purpose. The animated film “Hard Edge Ride” from 2011, which is part of the collection of the Museum Haus Konstruktiv, is a similar, fascinating work in which bright yellow color fields constantly change shape as they move in front of an impenetrable black background. The clear geometric composition, the cool aesthetics, and not least the title of the work all refer to Hard Edge painting from the 1960s. The work’s soundtrack consists of sound samples and softly vibrating guitar riffs that are sometimes calm, sometimes energetic, lending the geometric arrangements an optic, acoustic, and rhythmic form.
Rhythm, color, reduced forms, and movement are all elements that have defined Dominik Stauch’s work for many years now. For Dominik Stauch, the 1960s – its music, ideologies, and illusions of a better world – offer “motivation to further pursue questions that have already been asked and to give these ideas new life with new media.”

Dominique von Burg

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