Without Serious Reflection, 2002
by François Morellet

Donation from the artist

Permanent installation in the library of Museum Haus Konstruktiv

François Morellet (born 1926 in Cholet, France, where he died in 2016) discovered Concrete Art in 1951 through Max Bill and other artists and went on to become one of its most unorthodox representatives. His work, which comprises painting, drawing, prints, objects, sculpture, installation, and interventions, is a blend of a concise methodology with a free spirit that rejects all conventions. 

Morellet worked for example with kinetic neon installations that were controlled by random generators, and he covered walls and entire rooms with grid-like structures of black adhesive tape that were also based on a random principle (see Without Serious Reflection, 2002, installation in the library of the Museum Haus Konstruktiv).

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