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Dóra Maurer
Minimal Movements, Shifts 1972– 2021

curated by Sabine Schaschl

10 June to 12 September 2021

During the summer months, Museum Haus Konstruktiv becomes the first museum in Switzerland to host a solo exhibition on Hungarian artist Dóra Maurer. This retrospective solo show brings together printed graphics, assemblages, photographs, experimental films and paintings, produced over a time span of around 50 years. Maurer’s multimedia oeuvre defies any clear positioning within art history, but bears witness to a conceptual approach that this artist uses to examine processes of movement, displacement and perception in a manner that is as playful as it is systematic.

Since the early 1970s, Dóra Maurer, born in Budapest in 1937, has been considered one of the most important and independent artists on the Hungarian art scene. In her activity as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest, and also as a curator, she still acts as a role model for many younger artists.

At the end of the 1960s, based on observations of nature and using her own physique, Dóra Maurer first developed graphic works, later followed by photographic and filmic works, which had nothing in common with the concept of art that was accepted at the time. Even in that early phase, she worked with a focus that was not on the completed artwork, but on the processual visualization of cognitive processes, which she generated by systematically shifting artistic placements inserted into (grid) structures.

Movement and displacement also characterize her geometric paintings: Maurer constructs her Displacements series and the resulting Quasi-Images with perspectival distortions, as well as superimpositions of forms and colors. It is precisely these perspectively curved, seemingly weightless image segments that irritate the eye of the observer, who is then motivated to reflect on their own seeing.

Pictures above:
Dóra Maurer, Portrait. Photo: Ben Westoby (1) / Quod Libet 63, 2015 (2); Quod Libet 39, 1999 (3). © Dóra Maurer and White Cube / Seven Twists VI/III, 1979/2011, Silver print. Tate London. © Dóra Maurer (4)

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