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Jose Dávila

curated by Sabine Schaschl

June 2 – September 11, 2022 

Museum Haus Konstruktiv’s solo exhibition on Jose Dávila (b. 1974 in Gaudalajara, Mexico, where he lives and works) is the first to be dedicated to this Mexican artist in a Swiss museum. Alongside selected paintings, a multitude of sculptural works are presented, which the artist combines in installational arrangements while conscientiously engaging with the building’s architectural givens.

Statics and dynamics, forces of tension and compression, as well as the labile moment before something falls or rips, are all characteristic aspects of Jose Dávila’s objects and installations. The trained architect combines natural materials, such as stone and marble, with industrial products, such as mirrors and glass panes. Fixed in place by means of colorful tension belts, concrete cubes or steel girders, these works present themselves as audacious balancing acts, in equilibrium between physical experiment and poetic placement. The formally and materially reduced aesthetics of such objects can also be found in Dávila’s large-format abstract geometric paintings and silkscreens, which he usually realizes on untreated canvases.

For his exhibition at Museum Haus Konstruktiv, Dávila takes a broad selection of his objects and individual painted works, all of which also function as independent pieces, and relates them to one another, as well as to the museum architecture. Via fine-tuning of parameters, such as proportions, lines of sight, reflections or motion choreographies, the space as a whole is dynamized and the individual works are brought together to form fascinating ensembles; from a delicate arrangement of meter-high steel supports in the middle of the room to scenic staging of precariously leaning translucent reflective plates.

Images: (1) La singularidad tiene algo de irreal, 2019. Courtesy by the artist, Photo Agustín Arce / (2) La voluntad ha movido montañas, 2020. Courtesy by the artist, Photo Agustín Arce / (3) Studio proof of sculpture in 2021. Courtesy by the artist, Photo Agustín Arce / (4) Not all those who wander are lost, 2018, Installation view at the Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, SP. Courtesy by the artist and Travesía Cuatro, Madrid, Photo Pablo Gómez Ogando

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