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The Department of Culture of the Canton of Zurich is a guest at Museum Haus Konstruktiv

September 30 - October 10, 2021

For the seventh time, the Department of Culture of the Canton of Zurich is a guest at Museum Haus Konstruktiv and shows works by 30 artists from Zurich who apply for work grants in the field of visual arts. 

The Canton of Zurich promotes contemporary cultural creativity in various ways; in the field of visual arts, it awards 12 work contributions of 24,000 Swiss francs each year. This year, 252 artists from the Canton of Zurich applied for a contribution. The following 30 artists - including one duo - have been nominated:

Josephine Baan, Johanna Bruckner, Nicolle Bussien, Adam Cruces, Caterina De Nicola, Mîrkan Deniz, Louisa Gagliardi, Jasmine Gregory, Colin Guillemet, Tobias Gutmann, Roman Gysin, Shamiran Istifan, Gautam Kansara, Roman Selim Khereddine, David Knuckey, Johanna Kotlaris, Eleonora Meier, Manutcher Milani, Noha Mokhtar, Brigit Naef, Philip Ortelli, Karoline Schreiber, Pascal Sidler, Veronika Spierenburg, Stirnimann - Stojanovic, Milva Stutz, Riikka Tauriainen, Peter Tillessen, Latefa Wiersch, Jiajia Zhang

The jury, appointed by the Fachstelle Kultur, is composed of the members of the Visual Arts Section of the Cantonal Cultural Promotion Commission Alexandra Blättler (art historian and collection curator Kunstmuseum Luzern), Anders Guggisberg (artist) and Deborah Keller (editor Kunstbulletin and curator Kunsthalle Arbon) as well as the external jury guests Sabian Baumann (artist*) and Nadia Veronese (curator Kunstmuseum St.Gallen).

Josephine Baan
In collaboration with: Amos Cappuccio, Mira Rojzman and Catol Teixeira.
Amnesia Archive, 2021, approx. 25 minutes
Thursday, September 30, 7 pm

Tobias Gutmann
Constellations, 2021
Thursday, September 30, 2- 7 p.m.
Sunday, October 3, 2-4 pm
Wednesday, October 6, 6-8 pm
Sunday, October 10, 2-4 pm

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