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A sustainably lit future

Graphic, contemporary and unlike anything else on the world’s ceilings, BEEM is a new brand family of LED lamps from award-winning product and industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson. BEEM seeks to reshape the world of lightbulbs through innovative combinations of pure form and the latest LED technology.

They come in four different shapes: a U shape [Smile 01], a smile-like upward curve [Smile 02], a straight line [Smile 03] and a swirl [Curli].

The lamps can be hung on their own or arranged in groups. An innovative rotating mechanism hidden inside means that the lights can be easily adjusted to line up with surrounding bulbs. They are all fully dimmable and fitted with a standard E27 screw thread. For up to 25’000 hours, they emit bright, warm light at minimal energy use.

CHF 154.– / lamp
Light bulb incl. holder case with 2m cable

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