Museum Directorate

Sabine Schaschl
Director and Chief Curator
[email protected]

Office Management & Volunteers

Manuela Nüesch
Office Management, Finances and Staff
[email protected]

Directorate & Office Management Assistant

Friederike Müller
Directorate and Office Management Assistant, Library
[email protected]

Exhibition & Collection

Evelyne Bucher
Exhibition and Collection Curator
[email protected]

Muriel Pérez
[email protected]

Art Education

Laura Flück
[email protected]

Felizitas Küng
[email protected]

Communication & Media

Ladina Hurst
Head of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

Pascal Schlecht
[email protected]


Joy Neri-Preiss
Development and Fundraising
[email protected]

Technical Support

Kevin Aeschbacher
Pascal Sidler
[email protected]

Reception, Shop & Café

Martina Künzler
Museum Shop and Editions
[email protected]

Claudia Kammacher
Museum Café and Reception
[email protected]

Guided Tours & Workshops

Linda Christinger, Joy Neri (Guided tours in English)
Laura Flück, Felizitas Küng, Linda Christinger, Friederike Balke (Art education)
Roy Felix, Individual exhibition assistance (Kultur inklusiv)

Shop & Café

Silke Küste
David Kürsteiner
Pascal Schlecht
Anita Suter
Xiaoqun Wu

Museum Custodians

Fabia Büchi
Lynn Bünger
Roy Felix
Emil Gut
Yoo Ja Kim
Orlando Maglio
Mirjam Marti
Radhika Neelakandhan
Martin Zürcher

Job Vacancies

Currently we have no vacancies.


Are you interested in joining the team of volunteers? Manuela Nüesch looks forward to hearing from you:

Manuela Nüesch
[email protected]
+41 (0)44 217 70 80