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Camille Graeser

Becoming a Concrete Artist


Museum Haus Konstruktiv presents a comprehensive exhibition on Swiss artist Camille Graeser (1892–1980) who, along with Max Bill, Richard Paul Lohse and Verena Loewensberg, was part of the innermost circle of Zurich Concretists. The exhibition focuses on the 1930s to 1950s and is supplemented by a selection of representative works from his most important periods. The exhibition makes it possible to take a new look at Graeser’s early work and to gain a deeper understanding of his career as an artist.

kuratiert von Vera Hausdorff,
Konservatorin der Camille Graeser Stiftung


We thank the Camille Graeser Foundation, which generously contributed toward the realization of this exhibition.

Additional support was provided by:
The Werner H. Spross Foundation, The Walter Haefner Foundation, The gallery Von Bartha, Basel

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