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Carsten Nicolai

static fades


Carsten Nicolai's installations explore the boundaries of human sensory perception. They enable us to make auditive and visual experiences of phenomena such as sound and light frequencies and electromagnetic fields. 'static fades,' the artist's first large solo exhibition in Switzerland – he was born in Chemnitz, Germany, in 1965 and now lives in Berlin – extends across three floors of Haus Konstruktiv. The list of Nicolai exhibitions worldwide is impressive. He is among just a few contemporary artists to produce satisfying works that explore tensions between the fields of art, science and sound.

Nicolai's works are based on complex, interdisciplinary investigations and scientific observations. They provide acute insights into individual worlds of perception and sensation. Most of the pieces presented at Haus Konstruktiv are new, having been designed especially for these spaces throughout almost the entire past year. Despite their clear and spare formal idiom, these works are highly charged and atmospheric. A substantial catalogue will be published by JRP Ringier Verlag in mid-June 2007.