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Gerhard von Graevenitz

A Retrospective


Museum Haus Konstruktiv is honoring German artist Gerhard von Graevenitz (1934–1983) with a retrospective. In the early 1960s at the very latest, his work began to provide important stimuli for kinetic art, op art and fledgling computer art, while promoting international networking of the constructivist-concrete movement. As co-editor of the magazine nota, operator of the eponymous gallery in Munich and co-founder of the international art movement Nouvelle Tendance (1961), Von Graevenitz advocated art that challenges the observer’s perception, beyond illusionism, and subtly focuses on the very act of seeing. The exhibition has been realized with works generously loaned by the artist’s estate, as well as with pieces from Switzerland and abroad. It combines all periods in the oeuvre of this artist.

curated by Sabine Schaschl


Director Sabine Schaschl takes you on a digital short tour through the exhibition of Gerhard von Graevenitz.

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